CBD for Pets

I used CBD Oil for my dogs when we go to our Vet. They are so excited when we go outside. I gave them CBD Oil 15 to 30 minutes prior. CBD oil for our pets can treat health issues such as digestive or upset tummy, inflammation, joint pain or even allergies. I tried this in my dog, I gave it when I know he faced a stressful situation. And as I done researching, I came across to this article about Cannabis and Mj kylekushman.com/growing-super-sativia/

There is no scientific evidence that CBD oil works for pets and most veterinary associations are not embracing it, at this point. As such there aren't regulations regarding dosages. As well, if you are using CBD oil please ensure there is no THC.

Frankly it is sad when you advertise a product which may well harm pets and make unproven claims about it. While I am all for natural products, I think it’s reprehensible behavior.

@marty I have used it for pain relief. It comes in a Cream and you just apply to the affected area. I would never give it to any of my Animals. Charlottes Web makes this stuff and it is legal in all 50 States. I was mugged in 2002 and the guy pushed me so hard he broke three Vertebrates in my Lumbar Spine. I have to have surgery but I have to wait because it will cost 7K and I am not sure my Insurance will pay for it.

I would never have bought it because I have never smoked Cannabis and I won't smoke Medical Marijuana but the CBD Oil does not make you high!

I would never try this stuff until my Mom had a look at it. She is a Nurse and she knows more about Drugs and how to compound them. The Nurses hack for Vicodin is 2 Aleve the highest Strength and one Tylenol Arthritis the highest Strength. This is not addictive but it does the job!


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