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Jean Martin in Tully

Gosh, that's really sad.

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Jean has not responded to the email

Jean bred several litters in partnership, especially latterly. Have you tried to make contact with any of these people ? The litter of 3 Dec 2006 Jean was the sole breeder as far as I know but the 2013 litter which is the latest one I have in the database was co-bred as were several before that.

OR you could contact the breeder partnership of several of the sires Jean and her partners used.

@zande She Bred my current dog with Kyle Cabral, I could try contacting him. I can also call her directly, so contact is not really the problem and I can email her again in another week or so. Sometimes she goes away to England for a while and it is not uncommon for her to take a little while to get back to me. Just rather concerned, wondered if anyone on here knows if she is ok and don’t want to bother her at a bad time.

@dagodingo I am so sorry for your loss. High Liver Enzymes is an indication of some form of Liver Disease. I am sure that the Breeder will be in touch. I have high Liver Enzymes myself so I drink a lot of water with Lemon Juice added.

The longer we have them the worse it is. Losing a B is like losing a child. That is how I felt when mine passed several years ago. I took her everywhere with me except to the Grocery store. The spot on the Bed where she slept still feels strange without her.

Please know that you took great care of Suzy and she knew she was loved. That should take the edge off but it is so very hard.

Thanks for the reply’s, just to let everyone know Jean emailed me back and she is fine.

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