Cat food

I feed my cats this:

All three of my babies are very happy and healthy cats with bright eyes and shiny coats.

Natural Life does not conduct animal testing, and they do not outsource any portion of their production. The food is pretty expensive, but I don't have to worry about rat poison, e Coli, etc.
And thanks to this food you will never need to know how to treat worms in cats.

@tonysofin I have a 14 year old Female Cat that I rescued from the New York City Animal Care and Control on Christmas Eve of 2014. This Cat and the other who recently passed from a stroke were both from the same Home but they despised each other. Also all they ever want to eat is Kibble. I have tried every single brand from Fancy Feast (which is gross) which is like 'Crack' for Ferrell Cats, the Smelly Sardines, I have cooked Chicken for them but they always tried to cover it up! They regarded it as Poison.

I have my 14 year old Female Cat on a diet because she gained a ton of weight when the other Cat was here by eating all of the food when she could, and now she is losing it. I do not want her to become Diabetic. I am able to Inject Insulin but have not done so in about 15 years. This Cat would never tolerate being injected with Insulin.

My Dog was a Vegetarian for the last 4 years of her life. She had Cancer in her small Intestine. Once the Tumor was removed I put her on a Vegetarian Diet. My Brother had Skin Cancer and after the mass was excised his Oncologist put him on a Vegetarian Diet.

Thanks for the info!

@debradownsouth You have got to be kidding! My DOG was fed a Vegetarian diet after she had Cancer. Due to this change in diet she lived for 4 more years. HOW is this SPAM?

The original poster joined to put spam links. How is it spam? Dog forum, basenjis to be precise. Person joined to post the links. Spam

Go to the poster's profile and report it as a spam profile.

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