Meet Chaga!

Sadly, Pat, you have a good point. Saliva tests are still honor system.

@debradownsouth Hunting "Chaga Mushroom(s)", and humour is selective as I am sure you are aware. I think of Amy Beth Schumer when I say this.

@debradownsouth ... "Chaga" refers to both an African Tribe and Mushrooms, the concept of a "truffle hunting dog" relates to the latter, mushrooms. Mushrooms, being a truffle, after all. So, there's no joke here about dogs hunting human beings. I'm sure it's just jet lag... I hope you are enjoying your new home.


No jet poster said also tribe, response wasn't hunt truffles, basenji hunt Chaga, it was hunt " the" Chaga. The op didn't disagree with my interpretation, another defended it as taste,, which wouldn't be an issue if the indication was mushrooms.

But considering the massive insertions into my comments by kindle the last months, I should not have locked on it. Posts deleted. Thanks. Giving benefit of doubt should always take priority....or ask for clarification.

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