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@rlshiver If they have had health testing they are listed on under their registration number or registration name.. This testing is NOT by a Vet, it is DNA testing that is done by cheek swabs that you do yourself. Ask for this verification... and you can find the test results for yourself. However, remember that cheek swabs are only as responsible if they are sending in these from the appropriate sire/dams or pups. You can order the tests yourself... order the cheek swabs at when you get your pup (if you decide to get your pup from this breeder). You can go to, there are many links on how to find a responsible breeder. If you would like, you can email me directly at and look at my website I do not have any puppies, so it is not like I would be trying to sell you something.

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I will take it to a vet promptly. Not sure what to look for. Maybe you can give me some direction or will the vet know?
Yea, I'm really nervous after doing more research. Problem is, they changed their name so until I came on this forum I had no clue. Probably better just to clam up for now and hope it turns out okay.<<

If you had researched the pedigrees at all, you would have seen problems, or asked before moving forward. You may well luck out healthwise, but you put money in their pockets, helping them continue.

@debradownsouth You are the reason I avoid social media sights. Who the hell are you to lecture me? Out of two litters they have sold all the pups. So it's not just me putting money in their pockets.
I don't want any more to do with a forum that has self righteous people like you in it.

Every single person who loves the breed has a right to care when irresponsible breeders get support. I am sorry you don't get that. Nor was it s was facts.

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