Outdated Forum And Sloppy Administration

The Post Title may read as if I don't like or care for the forum. Not true. I believe the forum offers an invaluable service to Basenji persons and those that might want to become a Basenji person. So what's the issue?

Here's the first: "Welcome to the new and updated Basenji forum" published in Forum News and Help in Feb 2016. This is TWO years old! It no longer has any value. New persons won't know the old and current members have already seen this. NOTHING makes a forum look outdated and un-managed as old admin posts that are no longer relevant. Keep things fresh and up-to-date in the Forum News. Keep the post for historical value but is should not be pinned at the top!

Here's the second: E-mail alerts & "Access Denied" Approximately two weeks ago I started receiving forum alerts to new posts via e-mail. That, in and of itself, is certainly ok. I haven't been a regular on the forum in months and getting these notices of a new post is great. HOWEVER, don't send me an e-mail post alert if by responding to it I get an "Access Denied" upon logging in. What's the point of getting the notification? If I don't have access (and not having access to certain areas of the forum is understandable) to that sub-forum then DON"T send me an e-mail notice.
The latest of these happened today (Feb 6, 2018) which prompted this submittal.

Same here..then I had to reset my password..

I think the "Access Denied" links were spam posts that were removed after the e-mail was sent out.

The Forum should have sent an e-mail out to all it's members letting us know they were starting e-mail alerts as well as options. While I appreciated receiving receive a daily or weekly email from this forum alerting me to new posts I want to choose the frequency. So Admin, how do I change how often I receive e-mail from the Basenji Forums?

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