• Hi everyone. My 10.5 year old recently started having a little bit of aggression at night. I was worried it could be the beginning to some night blindness with the retinal issues basenjis can have. My Vet advised today she has some shadowing in both eyes and gave me some info for an opthamologist. I leave a night light on for her but might add another one for where she sleeps. I'll also make sure friends and family know to not make sudden movements so she doesn't get scared.

    Does anyone have any other helpful tips for comfort?
    Does anyone have experience with this and how quick it progressed in your pup? Thank you!

  • Your best course of action is to first see a specialist as suggested by your Vet. Very well could be PRA but the progression is different for all dogs. Also have you spoken to her breeder? If PRA it is genetic and something your breeder needs to know about.

  • Please post an update when you see the specialist.

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