Basenji weight by age
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    I have a six month old basenji that seems smaller (not as thick) than the pictures I have seen of other basenjis at this age. I feed her one cup of food in the morning and one cup at night. I'm just curious to know if others have had petite basenjis as well.

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  • Do you have a picture of her? Is she too thin? What were the adult weight sizes of the sire and dam? Have you talked to the breeder?

    As for food.. sadly that tells nothing. A very high quality kibble can pack in more in 1/2 cup that a lower quality at 3 cups. The issue is really how healthy is the puppy and is it overly thin or fat. Increase or decrease food amount based on that, not the bag recommendation. The quality of food you feed also can seriously impact how well your puppy grows. What kibble do you feed?

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    Agree with Debra. And there can be a lot of variation as to healthy weight. In kilograms it goes from under 10 to 16 for the big guys. And looks vary too. Our sisters look very different (one is lower and seems smaller all around) but they weigh 10,3 kg each.

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  • I go by appearance more than weight. Ribs should be palpable but not obvious, the dog should have a "waist". A really fit dog may have a different outline than one that doesn't get a lot of exercise. IMO, obvious overweight can be worse than slightly underweight, depending on the reason for the condition. Of course a growing pup needs sufficient nutrition and I would adjust food accordingly if she needs it. You have to go with the individual, not with "recommended" food intake.

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  • The number on the scale doesn't mean as much as their body condition (as others have said). I have two adult males, one has more bone than the other but one is taller. They both eat 3/4 cup twice a day and are around 23#.

    Some are just smaller than others, especially the girls. I've seen adult females in very good condition weighing less than 20#.

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  • My 4 1/2 month basenji- mini Aussie cross is small as well, was ten lbs a week and a half ago and gets weighed again on Monday. Going off of parents sizes I would have expected her to get to be 20-25 lbs, but when looking at her frame and comparing her weight to the weight of other basenji pups on this site I'm thinking more like 15-20 lbs. At first I was afraid she was younger than I was told but the vet assured me she looked appropriate for her age and is healthy. I totally understand your concern and curiosity because I've been there but I've gotten less worried with it and even kind of excited that my munchkin will stay my little munchkin.

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  • @BobbieRowe said in Basenji weight by age:

    At first I was afraid she was younger than I was told but the vet assured me she looked appropriate for her age and is healthy.<<

    A dog that should be 20 to 25 pounds that is only 15, I am sorry to say, is nothing to be excited about. 25 percent smaller than the norm could indicate genetic issues. It also concerns me when you say you are afraid she is younger than you were told. Where did you get her from? If she's registered, hopefully the papers are correct. How long have you had her?

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