• Does anyone else have B's that only seem aggressive around small fluffy dogs? We live on the third story in an apartment so Alani gets to see all the dogs being walked and the only thing she ever does is pace a little and whine sometimes. Recently we've had two different people move in with some pomeranians and some people with a shitzu (sp?). Everytime she sees any of them she goes absolutely nuts, growling, running back and forth pawing at the deck. It's crazy, we have to keep on the look out now and put her in anytime they're being walked. It's weird, she's never done this with any of the bigger dogs (and we have a ton of dogs in our complex).

  • Small and Fluffy dogs look like "prey"…. pretty much a normal Basenji trait... my friend's old boy used to hate any "hairy" dog big, small, or middle size... when I used to show him, I hated when the Old English were in the ring next to us...gggg

  • Yeah I guess it is fluffy in general because she has the same reaction with an Australian Shepherd that comes around every now and then.

  • My B dosen't act aggresive but I do have to watch when he's around all size, fluffy dogs cause he loves to pull on hair. I'm not safe from this either, he pulls on my hair all the time.

  • When Nala was a 10 week old puppy, we took her to my sister's house. My Mom & Dad were visiting with their ~13 year old Shih Tzu, "Kiwi". Poor Kiwi, she was herded around by a little tri tazmanian devil…she had this pitiful look on her face as if to say, "Save me...please", so we held her on our laps while Nala would jump up and grab her fluffy tail. She got her due, though...she ended up with a kind of hairball! That'll teach 'em. (LOL)

  • Yup fluffy dogs get the worse reactions…whiney, yelling, racing around in circles..etc. etc. etc.

  • Jenny likes white and fluffy as her combination, and she just likes to get some hair between her front teeth so she can run around looking like she needs her chin wiped. We have a fluffy white-ish cat that is an occasional victim. At the dog park I have to watch out for the little Alaskan Eskimo Dogs and Samoyed (sp?) or she may hassle them.

  • well this morning I was going for our morning run and happened to come across what I think was a cocraspanial, with lots of hair and fluffy ears, yikes watch out. Well we let our dogs socialize but I could tell my b was getting anxiouse to just grab one of the ears so I held him by the halter while he continued sniffing and getting to know the other dog. Well the owner of the spanial said "you are making him nervouse holding him like that", I was thinking hey lady you don't know my B he'll grab one of those fluffy ears just for fun. All good then we said our goodbyes and of course as we were going the opposite direction, he jumped forward and grabbed the corner of the fluffy ears. Have to laugh though. Don't you just love when other people try to teach you about your own B's?

  • My dogs want to pluck those dogs like chickens.

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