Welcome to the newly redesigned and updated Basenji Forums!

Welcome to the newly redesigned and updated Basenji Forums!

We've made changes to the way the forum looks, and to how it works on the front end and behind the scenes. And if you're reading this via your mobile device hopefully, your experiencing some increased usability and functionality.

As you poke around, you'll find that some buttons look different and that some areas of the site aren't called what they previously were. Please, don't worry. It's all still here. We've tried very hard to align many of these items with current internet and website conventions, so while they may be new, they're probably not new to our web-savvy readers.

We've done our best to test everything out, make sure it's working correctly and ensure that nothing's missing, but we know that our members use the forum in a multitude of ways, so it's entirely possible that some elements may need to be addressed further.

More than anything else, our goal was to make improvements that will benefit the members of our community and enhance the experience for anyone who visits us. We really hope that comes through.

Your feedback on any and all of this is welcomed and encouraged, so please, do not hesitate to share it.


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Oh gosh, cannot find "new posts"... On way out door so will look again.

First Basenji's

when you are on the HOME page, the long vertical rectangles will be in descending order and the last post time will be in the lower right hand corner. (had time to peruse the layout....)

Found easier way. Upper left bars on any page will have
UNREAD link is first

Now how do I upload a picture HERE (not from photobucket etc).!

@DebraDownSouth to upload images or photos, either drag the image from your desktop into the message composer window or click on this icon when composing a message.


Alex, how do I change the icon. I can get to the Icon and where it says edit, but if I click edit, there is no option to change the photo. I also can't find a place to just upload a photo. Someone else asked and I can't figure it out. (Also had to play with banner to fit but exact dimensions might help others.) Thanks.

@DebraDownSouth It looks like the ability to change profile avatar image is not working properly. I am checking with the provider and will post an update once I hear back.

First Basenji's

Hi Alex, I do not see current dates on the threads I am replying to so I don't know if it was months ago or days ago.

Would you please tell me how to post. I can find the post tab but nothing happens. Thanks

@DebraDownSouth Profile image editing has been fixed.

Let's see if I can make this easy. For example, go to this thread

You can reply in 2 ways, either hit reply after a certain person's post, or at the bottom, big REPLY button on lower right
I'd show you a picture, but the upload pic is not working. Yeah, I have jpeg files.

@Alex said in Welcome to the newly redesigned and updated Basenji Forums!:

@DebraDownSouth Profile image editing has been fixed.

The photo one is working.

However, sadly not uploading pics currently. The upload says error for pics. I am just using jpg and tried small, bigger, huge.. same error. I'll try it tiny

![0_1460998374823_reply.JPG](Uploading 100%) <--- 70 kb

Okay really tiny
![0_1460998490810_reply.JPG](Uploading 100%) <--- 40.2 kb

If I have to do ![0_1460998656918_reply.JPG](Uploading 100%) <--- 19 kb (and too small to read anyway)

What am I doing wrong?

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Well I can't figure out how to post a question. My 12 year old female basenji has her third eyelid showing all the time in the lower third of her eye. Anyone know what's going on or how to help her at home. My vet recently passed and I don't have a new one yet. Thanks ahead if time.

If you could tell me how to post a new thread rather than reply to an a old one I would appreciate it.

@Abaihya said in [Welcome to the newly redesigned and updated Basenji Forums!](/topic/14107/welcome-

If you could tell me how to post a new thread rather than reply to an a old one I would appreciate it.

If you go to the category you want to post in, you should see at the top of the page "New Topic". Click on that and you should be able to start your own thread.

@DebraDownSouth said in [Welcome to the newly redesigned and updated Basenji Forums!]

What am I doing wrong?

Try changing the file extension on your picture from .jpg to .jpeg (simply rename the file with the longer extension, it won't change your file but for some reason this forum does not recognize the .jpg extension as being a .jpeg. The two are interchangeable.)

Shirley, thanks. Though my profile is jpg and it took that just fine.!!
Changed trying it. 🙂

EDIT: YEAH, worked. But that means Alex needs to fix the glitch. 🙂


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I found your thread and posted there, but to be sure, surgery is the only real option. This article explains what needs to be done and why:


Just wanted to say that I love the new format. So easy to use, great visual. Thank you for the hard work.

Hi Alex,
I would like to offer that it is time to remove the 'newly redesigned and updated Basenji forum' post. It is now closing in on 2 years in age and simply isn't relevant any more. Pinned administrative posts are important - however, those pinned posts that are no longer of any value should be removed.


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