Hello!! I have a question regarding windows. We live on the third floor in a condo and have fairly large windows. When we got the condo last year, we couldn't leave them opened because there were no screens and I was unsure if my cats or my B, Zorro, would try to jump out. So this summer, we have decided to get new screens and install them. Problem is, I am a little worried about Zorro. Every time we open the window he stares out and even tried to scratch the screen. The windows are very low (about 2-3 feet from the ground) so it is possible for him to jump up on the window sil.

I was wondering, if he saw something interesting outside, would he try to jump out the window? or does he realize how high up we are?

Thanks 🙂


I was wondering, if he saw something interesting outside, would he try to jump out the window? or does he realize how high up we are?

This is something you don't want to find out the hard way. Figure out some kind of barrier to keep him safe, would be my suggestion.

That's what I thought of doing, like a piece of plexiglass high enough so he can't get to the screen. Thanks 🙂

I would not trust it. If he wanted to get at something he wouldn't think of how high it was up and just might barrel right through the screen. What about putting up an xpen across the windows as a barrier?

Or fashion a baby gate in front of the windows, I would not chance it either

Ava has already tried to punch out a screen on one of my second story windows. If I hadn't been there, she would have found a way. 2-3 feet is an easy jump for many Basenjis, so yes, I would block it with something sturdy.

We live on the second floor and Oakley has tested those boundaries…it IS something they would do...screens just aren't safe enough, if I'm not in the room then he's not allowed to be in the room with the windows open..

LOL, when we had the windows replaced in the dog room, they were the ones that open from the bottom and top… Only the top is opened!

If you Google 'Pet secure window screens' you can find a group of pet secure screens and where to purchase them.

Pat- great idea with the windows, I'm going to keep that in mind for future reference!

When we lived in an apt I would look out and see cats on the window ledges, a chihuahua often (owners just couldn't LEARN and they were 3rd floor) and once a friend's JRT. I don't trust mine at all so either the window is only cracked or I open the ones with the screen guards– heavy metal ones.

Please read my post titled "Window Danger"…regarding my own personal experience with my B.

Thanks 🙂
I thought I may have been worrying too much!! I will look into all the ways I can dog proof the windows! I should be replacing them this year, so I will go for a safe animal proof window!! hehe 😃

i know about a mexican basenji that fly and die from a second floor.. so i dont truste mines on the windows.. i have a barrier, not big enough so when i left the house the window is close.. sometimes is open because have the metal guard, but until i put more bars i wont trust..
and my living room.. pfff! need to fixit too. so i put a ton of books boxes.. and its always close.
Maca will try to escape, so books and always close.. even with these hot weather.

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