• Oh, Chealsie - having been through it all so recently, I do so feel for you…I hope your baby boy comes bouncing back tomorrow...rooting for you both....

  • Oh I am so relieved. I know it's crazy, but I really feel like I "know" these puppies. I'm sure they will call early tomorrow and say "come get your dog NOW!!!" 🙂

  • I hope so agilebasenji!!!

    My father told me today I should have learned my lesson about never getting another basenji. I told him he didn't get it. Part of it is that he's a basenji but mostly it's because he's Oakley. He's the most determined, inventive, "Houdini"…imp I've ever come across. He is so smart and has so much fortitude to get what he wants...his complete unapologetic behavior is so endearing...I can't imagine ever getting a different breed of dog; perhaps the next time around I'll shoot for the other end of the basenji spectrum...lol, the easier version!! But i wouldn't trade him for a billion dollars. Many times he feels like the only thing I know I've done right in twenty five years...he is my love, my patience, my laughter and so much more!

  • @Chealsie508:

    I can't imagine ever getting a different breed of dog; perhaps the next time around I'll shoot for the other end of the basenji spectrum…lol, the easier version!!

    Well, you're due. My first basenji was a difficult child. Horrible temperament, but we did love each other. My second was/is the most perfect dog to walk the face of this planet. That was, of course, my wonderful Digital the brindlewonderkid. Then came Jet the trying and then Zest! my superstar. So that will give you an idea of how my basenji history went. 🙂

  • I.m a bit late but sooo glad everything sounds to be working out after Oakley's mishap, wow reminds me to keep an eagle eye on my boy they just seem to get into everything and it goes straight into their mouths, they are just so inquisitive. Hope he improves quickly and then you can relax a little, best wishes from Kaiser and me.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • First Basenji's

    Thinking of you while Oakley mends and heals. Glad you were able to get him in quick!

  • Good news!
    And maybe celebrate with a new leather leash.

  • Thanks everyone for all the support and good wishes. It was a long sleepless night; I just can't seem to sleep soundly without a little boy laying on top of me!! I called last night before ten to get an update. The tech told me they ha him on a warm water bed to bring his temp up because it was still low (although creeping up)…she said he was being quiet ( totally not him) but that he was heavily medicated...she said he was looking around and once looked right at her while on the phone with me 🙂

    It's going to be a looooong morning because I won't hear anything until around noon...I'm hoping they can successfully get him to eat and keep down food.

  • have you heard anything yet? sending healing thoughts to you and Oakley. And honestly, it really is not just a Basenji thing, eating things they should not. I know a Dobe that the owners said they should just put a zipper in his belly as they were on their 3rd ER surgery

  • @tanza:

    have you heard anything yet? sending healing thoughts to you and Oakley. And honestly, it really is not just a Basenji thing, eating things they should not. I know a Dobe that the owners said they should just put a zipper in his belly as they were on their 3rd ER surgery

    oh very true. ask any vet about rock eating labs!

  • @Chealsie508:

    Hope so Pamela, it's been a whirlwind of emotions: guilt,worry, upset…you name it...my fingers are crossed, prayers spoken...

    I understand the vortex of emotions! But no need to feel guilty– you think you have everything out of reach, then they find a way. There is nothing Ava won't try to eat-- and nothing (so far) she can't find a way to get. I spend half of my waking hours digging things out of her mouth and the other half trying to find ways to keep them out in the first place.

    I hope Oakley is recuperating quickly. I bet he'll be home tonight-- they'll be glad to spring him! Every Basenji owner knows that look of sheer relief that crosses people's faces when you arrive to claim your pup. I have had Ava practically shoved at me in their eagerness to unload her. 🙂

    Healing thoughts and hugs to you and Oakley. Hope he's home and on the mend soon!

  • Just called to get an update on Oakley. He got a lot of rest last night. This morning he started to act more like himself, jumping in his crate to try and reach IV cords, getting out of his e collar and bucking when the dr tries to check his heartbeat…they stopped pain meds and he's on an anti inflammatory...they tried feeding him without great success, he regurgitated. So the injection of motility medications last night wasn't good enough so they started him on a drip of motility meds to get his intestines functioning again...they also put him on medication for esopogeal irritation...they'll try to re-feed at three. If that goes well there's a chance of a late night discharge however our vet believes Oakley will likely need another night of supportive care, IV medications since he indeed seems to be slow to get his GI tract functioning again.

    This is torture. Didn't sleep well...trying to get motivated to do chores, and prepare for oak to come home but it's hard if he's not coming home tonight 😞
    I know it's best for him to stay until he's ok, it's just hard! Good news is they didn't have to use any sedation meds today for his anxieties!!

    I want my little boy back

  • I am so glad to hear that he is doing better. Hopefully he can come home soon!

  • Hugs.. and hope that he is home soon!

  • Poor you, but it does sound he is getting excellent care - and more sleep than you are

  • Sometimes I think it's harder on us than it is on them! How's the little guy doing? Is he keeping his food down and coming home to mom?

  • I'm ecstatic to announce that Oakleys coming home tonight!!! He's being release at 8 tonight. The vet said she's not 100% comfortable with him coming home and if it were ANY other dog she'd keep them for another night of supervision and fluids BUT now that Oakleys feeling better and back to his old behaviors they have to sedate him and doing so only slows down his GI tract which isn't good either. She'd rather him be comfortable at home. The dr said the pain meds were having an effect and he was sensitive to them which was suppressing mood. Once she made the med switch he flipped a switch and started to perk up, have an appetite and start trying to escape his crate, buck and be a "doodle"…he's able to eat a couple teaspoons at a time of food and she said he eat more of they let him but for the next two days round the clock feeding o a tablespoon to keep something moving his tract at all times. He did regurgitate "one drop" but Dr. Thomas was sure it was because he was spinning in circles (lol)...he will come home with a slew of meds (I think 7) which includes: motility meds for his intestines, anti nausea meds, esopogeal irritation meds...Prilosec..and so on. It'll be an intensive couple of days but I can't be happier to hear the little stink is acting up and is hungry...totally thrilled and nervous at the same time... Perhaps it's time to think about emergency pet insurance...considering he's two and a half and has been admitted twice to the hospital?! As Dr. Thomas says "he's a dog that likes to eat stuff"...and he is.

    Will update once I get him home and settled!!! Thanks everyone 🙂

  • So glad the surgery was relatively simple and that he is acting more like himself , thinking of you and sending hugs.

  • I am so happy for you! the only thing i can add, is to ask the vet if there is anything you need to get before you pick him up. I know when Zest! had her HGE they told me to feed her baby food. (never had a baby, so never had baby food in the house) So hubby sat in the car with her while we stopped at the grocery. If you don't have a second person, it would be easier to pick the food up without having to worry about him eating the inside of your car.

    I'm sure you'll get lots more sleep tonight and happy dreams!

  • Great news! So glad to hear. And excellent idea about stopping by the grocery first. Sounds like you're in 24/7 caregiver mode for a while… but it's SO much better to have them home when they're sick.

    When Spencer had that touch-n-go surgery and recuperation, Hill's a/d canned food saved us. He would keep that down when everything else came back up. It's critical care food for dogs after life-threatening illness or surgery and is like canine souffle. If the vet's anticipating any issues, you might ask-- though it could be too rich for Oakley's situation.

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