• My 5 1/2 month old girl just wont poop anywhere outside, I will walk her and walk her and she waits until she gets home and poops inside. She is peeing outside now. Any suggestions ???

  • You will hear more and more of this… you do not return to the house till she poops, period

  • If you're desperate, match her. Usually works for me. 🙂

    Otherwise, pick your time…...after she eats is generally good......pack your patience, and as said, stay out until she produces.

  • Agree with the match trick…. I have done that in the past.... take a match stick (I use little wooden match sticks). Insert the clean end about 1/2 way.... they will typically almost immediately try to expell the match and the poop will come with it.

    And when she does go, praise/praise/praise

  • Matchstick works every time. Don't feel bad about it either, it's just a matter of establishing a routine and you being in control.

  • I don't agree with this at all unless you're a vet tech etc. Hello, prolapsed rectum? Splinters? I'd try 1) a piece of paper towel soaked in warm (not hot) water and applied to the bottom in a manner simulating mama dog's licking to encourage elimination in pups 2) a small amount of fiber cereal with warm water added to the meal. The water's important, since without enough of it, it fiber can potentially block intestines.

    Are you feeding dry food? Is your pup drinking enough water? That can be a barrier to elimination, too.

    Finally, I have an adolescent male who's pulled this stunt from time to time…he hates wet grass, rain, bugs, lack of privacy, you name it. Address whatever issues you can, but really it comes down to a lot of walking!

  • I have used paper matches with no problems

  • @Barklessdog:

    I have used paper matches with no problems

    Ditto! I think they are safer. And sometimes a person just hasn't time for a long walk! (I also know a number of clueless vet techs who don't have nearly as much experience as I do!) 😉

  • People have matchsticked for decades and I can supply about half dozen VET SCHOOL links that tell people to do it for dogs who have had surgery. That said, paper or wood, works fine.

    Except, oh, Cara. She just leaves it in, I don't care how far you put it. The only way I got her to go when it rains is by giving her fiber in her food every 3 days. She held so long 2 yrs ago she got impacted and an anal fissure. After nearly 2 mos of hot compresses to heal it up, no more. Fiber. Yeah she often poops on the back porch or sidewalk but at least she poops.

    For normal dogs, I'd only add one thing to the above… tie the dog TO YOU if it doesn't poop until you go back out. Give it zero chance to poop inside. And if you need to add a tablespoon of fiber a few meals, some green beans for roughage to make the need more.. do it. And when the dog poops outside, CELEBRATE with one great happy dance and special treat. 🙂

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