Do you put a coat or sweater on your Basenji?

  • or sweaters. It never really gets that cold here and my 2 let me know when they have had enough and want to come in.
    My male falls over like a cat when I put anything on him so I would never get him out the door!

  • Living here in Wisconsin it gets cold and snowy enough that our boy requires some sort of protection against chill on longer excursions. He is okay for quick trips into the yard to relive himself, but for walks in the cold he has a nice little coat he wears.

  • Both of my basenji wear coats, shirts etc..

    Biko loves it, after you put it on; we walks like a proud prince!

  • Yup, both of my B's have jackets. They wear them at night when camping and most definitely in the winter. Oh and if it is raining they have rain jackets also, but those are mainly when out camping, they hate being wet or cold.

  • My female B is very rugged and doesn't need clothes. My tiny BRAT boy needs to wear as much as he can but he eats everything I've put on him. I told him he just needs to grow thicker fur then!!!

  • We've gotten her a sweater and she already is much less distressed at going out in the cold. We need to find her something water- and wind-proof yet, the store didn't have anything in her size, but once we do then hopefully she'll be a lot happier on all of her walks. Thanks for the input, everyone!

  • First Basenji's

    Sure, why not… is just for pottying purposes! It was raining the other day, and so he was happy to wear it!!!

  • updated below

  • They have ones that look like little horse blankets (less cutesy(?) - schneiders has them for a reasonable price. I use them on 40 degree days or when we go to tahoe, and the dogs seem to really like them. I can vouch for the fact that the fleece version is really thick and warm. Use the waterproof blanket (also beautifully made) on top if windy.

  • both of our boys tend to shiver in the winters around here (CT) so they love wearing their sweaters whenever possible, especially if the temperature is below 35!

  • I load Oakley up with a coat and a snood (most often just as a neck warmer)…and occasionally boots from (the ones sled dogs wear)...the snood mainly because if anyone has seen the size of oakleys ears..well, they are so big they tend to get cold super easy and if the wind is blowing or water/snow hits them he flinches them constantly...overall, I'm ok with him being warmer than he necessarily "needs" because that's what he likes!

    ..even if he does look a little silly while it's ALL on at once

  • No….

    Elliot is not a freeze baby the way Cody was so I think a lot of these are for my own amusement. The black jacket fits him so well and is the most practical for walks and such.

  • I loveeee his snowman sweater! I think basenjis are extra amusing in clothes

  • It's interesting how a dog will react to cold weather if they haven't been introduced to it early on in their development. Using a coat on my dog in 30-40 F degree weather would be like plugging in my car at that same temperature….seems strange; just coming from the environment I come from. I wouldn't even put a coat on myself in that kind of weather unless I was outside for more than a couple hours... and dogs [horses] have way more efficient circulatory systems than humans.

    I'm sure it's necessary for dogs who have health issues, older, not used to 'extreme' winters, or that spend most of their time outside in under 30 F weather. With that being said, I'm not very good with the cold so I rarely go outside long if it's under -8 F. Beo only has a red hooded sweater with a sherpa overlay coat, and water resistant insulated booties for under 20 degree weather. We haven't had a problem so far but no -50 weather for us either thanks.

    Definitely some cute jackets in here!

  • mines

  • oh yeah…I bought my pup a jacket that came with a hooded fleece on the inside...kinda like a north face....she LOVES to stay warm now that its winter

  • Mind don't mind theirs but I'm in GA, rare need them

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