What is that - oh, I know, it's a …..

I have had quite a few people ask us if our dog is a dingo!
The rest of the list
Shiba inu
Jack Russell
Rat terrier
They even ask what kind of mix he is
The one that makes me laugh is "is that tail natural?" "How is his tail so curly?"

I've heard
-Pitt bull puppy
-Jack Russell
and every kind of mix you can think of.. Most people just ask before guessing! At dog shows people usually know that they are "the dog that doesn't bark" but forget the breed.

My favorite story was when a woman asked me what he was and her son sighed loudly "it's a basenji mom.." She had no clue how he knew that. I told her that he probably watches animal planet lol.

Just today, someone came up to us and said "Oh look, it's one of those dancing dogs! Make her dance!"

Ironically, Ava does get up on her hind legs and will sort of shimmy around for a treat, so we showed them this and they were delighted. What I didn't tell them is that Ava "dances" because she wants to see if there's anything worth stealing from the countertop without having to put her paws on it and incur the "Off!" command.

But… dancing dogs? Did I miss something?


Just today, someone came up to us and said "Oh look, it's one of those dancing dogs! Make her dance!"

But… dancing dogs? Did I miss something?

well, Zest! loves to "dance". We often do at the Alzheimer's facility. But we're in colorado (and the residents tend to forget, having Alz's), so i doubt that explains your encounter.

So now we have two dancing Bs– it's a coast-to-coast trend! Word must be getting around. 😉

We can dance if we want to.
We can leave your friends behind.
Cause' your friends don't dance,
and if they don't dance, well they're
no friends of mine.
–Safety Dance

Wow, Zest! can really get down! She does the "dancing dogs" proud.

Ava is going to have to learn some new moves to keep her street cred.

A lady at the local vet thought Teshi was a shaved Pomeranian and living in Australia where dingos' are native, that comes up a fair bit too.

I live in Cheltenham and it is amazing how many people in this area are sons and daughters ( or grandsons and granddaughters) of Colonials…just yesterday, a lady stopped me and said "Is that a real Basenji?" When I confirmed it, she said..."I grew up with them! Seeing one brings back so many memories". I wish you could all have heard that so....she then hurried away...I shall hope to see her again and talk...


nic memories!

Here on my city my sister cant belive that people even stop theirs cars to ask "what breed is your dog"?

some people get pictures with the cellphone or with their tablets so a walk with my girls on the downtown is a secure chit chat with the people.

A remember 3 ladies, they were so amazing! Maca dont put so much atention on people specially girls, but those ladies was talking to Maca saying she was sooo pretty sooo sweet sooo everything and Maca start to bend those ears and make noises they were more happy and carry on and Maca more and more sweet

Whilw They was saying Maca was soo sweet and bla bla and i was thinking.. ha! she is a little naughty and sometimes so dominant.. but that day Maca plays her role to perfection. She deserves a Oscar..

Other day she was confused with a male chihuahua, a lady ask if we can breed our dogs, i said, well is a SHE and is not a chihuahua, the woman start to apologize i dont care well.. i dont like Maca be confused with a male dog, but was funny at the end.

But on general people use to think they are like foxies or pitbull or little deer.

I said to some kids that i was ironing the tale all days to get curled. They believe it and i was worried they try to iron his own dog, so i said that noooo! that was natural and ironing a dogs tale is a ugly idea.

Oh one day i lef Maca with the policeman at the bakerys door ( he was at my sight anyway) and when i was out i found the man with several people asking him if was a police dog or some kind of new police dog because looks so nice and so naughty hahha

The poor man have no words and just was smiling while the people was taking picture of him and the dog. lol

So the last time that i walked with my sister she was wow! i cant believe it.. the people stoped to ask what breed is..

Yes, my girls are used to some fame.. and i like they socialize with the kids.. not so much with the grown people and with so many thief getting his eyes on pure breed doggies not so nice but well… i said the are naughty some times.

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