• @Quercus:

    Personally, I really hesitate to express glands manually, because I think that makes them dependant on being expressed, unlikely to do the job they were supposed to do on their own. I know some dogs have physical problems that mandate they have human intervention….but most dogs' bodies should regulate their own anal glands naturally.

    Sometimes adding fiber (pumkin) can help too. Or switching to a food with more fiber? Maybe even the adult formula of whatever chance is eating might have more fiber.

    My thoughts exactly! I don't express them either. I groom dogs and have put into my ad that I won't do this because I feel it makes them dependent on anal expession.

  • My Savannah has that problem. We call it metal butt. It smells like metal or something. I notice that she gets it when she doesn't poop in the evening. It's bad. Talker had it when he was younger but he grew out of it. But Savannah (4 years old) still gets it. She's never had her glands express. I wonder if maybe I should do that. Interesting….

  • Weeh does it stink. My B has a stinky bottom now. It's like fish mixed with metal. Second time he gets it but it does go away on it's own. My husband said it was gas but I had read on one of the threads before and told him it was his anal glands. My daughter thought that was a funny thing. Anyway it does shoot right up your noise. Stinky stinky. Champ kind of keeps looksing at his butt like what the heck is that smell and then he licks..yuck. Didn't get a chance to see how he was this morning, hopfully for all our noses sake, he will be back to normal.

  • While many of you might not think it is a good idea to express the glands, I have a different opinion of that… Only because I have seen anal glands that have become infected... while diet does help, it doesn't help all dogs... so keep an eye on them for infection... I do express my dogs that need it... always have....

  • YIKES, I'm afraid to do that. Can you post a demo on the procedure..lol. It sounds funny but I would have no idea how that can be done.

  • LOL… no your Vet can show you... I don't think my better half would want to do the video... LOL

  • I'm not saying all dogs don't need it-I just prefer not to start if I don't have to. Pat's right-seeing an infected gland is not a pretty sight. And if mine need it it gets done.

  • I think I'll just have my vet do Savannah. I hear that it smells pretty bad. I think I could do without that experience. 🙂

  • Yes indeed it does!!!! And most only need it done once in a great while… but there are some that really have problems... that is when people will learn to do it themselves... Most Vets have the "techs" do it.. gggg.... and those are the ones that many times will show an owner....

  • The anal glands can definitely smell when they need to be drained. I would let my vet do it…of course that is my preference. I had a cocker and every time she was groomed her glands were milked by the groomer. My Jojo goes back to the vet in Sept. and I am going to have her glands checked. Good luck...

  • I will continue to pay the $14 dollars that the vet charges me so that I never have to do this. I asked the vet to show me and I about choked on the smell and the um, outcome. I think that having the vet continue to do this is the best $14 I spend every couple of weeks (Chase has a big problem with it, Zahra is not as bad).

  • Well yesturday I was stuck in traffic for 3hrs and with a stinky rump, yuck. My husband kept trying to move his buttie over to my side and I would try to move it to his. Hey we had to entertain ourselves during the traffic. All windows were opened but wow what a smell. And Champ as usual would look around and then sniff his behind like I can't believe that's me. This morning he's fine so no biggy.

  • it is the best money spent, never doing that….

  • We've had the "butt stink" problem with all three of our Basenjis. After many trips to the vet and trying everything possible, including steroid injections, the vet and I decided that removal of the anal glands was the best course to take. Our latest B, Jess, had her's removed by our present vet who used laser surgery and this proved to be the best way to do it. The healing was much faster. There are no scars and she is much more comfortable and much, much better smelling.

  • Wow…. while I know people that have had the anal glands removed as a last resort, I am really surprised to find that you had 3 b's that all needed it? Are they related?

  • No our three Bs weren't related, but believe me they all smelled alke 😞

    Number 1 and number 3 had glands that became infected and were treated with antibiotics until it was safe to remove them.

    Although it's not a simple surgery, they all three came through it just fine and everyone, including them, were a lot happier.

  • @AndyBoy:

    No our three Bs weren't related, but believe me they all smelled alke 😞

    Number 1 and number 3 had glands that became infected and were treated with antibiotics until it was safe to remove them.

    Although it's not a simple surgery, they all three came through it just fine and everyone, including them, were a lot happier.

    I still find that amazing.. I have had ones with infected glands and they have heal and were never a problem again without any surgery… Like I said, I do know people that have had them removed, but never 3 in one house... And your right it is not a simple surgery and many times it goes wrong.. which is why it is usually never recommended except in extreme cases

  • I would say the smell is combo of rotten tuna, and rotten running shoes:D
    I've gotten a small spot of it on my clothes before, and my first impulse was to burn the clothes!!! I think if they have a good diet, and are "regular" this takes care of the glands naturally. I did have to take my boy to the vet once when he was about a year old. After that no more problems, that I've noticed.

  • That's possible since my B had some fun this weekend at a barbeque so that's probably the cause of the stinkiness

  • Last week we took our little stinker to the vet for his final puppy shots. I told the vet about Chance's smelly back end. He showed me how swollen anal glands feel. He said that normal ones are tiny but his felt like jelly beans which ment that they needed to be expressed. He told me it is kind of like milking a cow backwards. Your supposed to take your thumb and index finger and squeeze the jelly beans (anal sacks) and as you are squeezing you push in a little and up towards the rectum. You need to make sure you have a tissue and a nose plug cuz this stuff smells gross! My toes curled when I got a whif of it.
    Now the vet actually did it but I watched. I will be doing this soon and hopefully I have it figured out right.
    *** for the people who do this…am I explaining it right???

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