• She is so cute! Looks like she and Loki are going to be the best of friends.

  • Congrats on your baby. I have 3 of her older relatives

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    Congrats! Welcome Kaia. LOVE the playing pics… this one had me literally laughing out loud img6326x.jpg/

    Yeah, that is one of my favorites as well. I'm just glad I caught it as it happens so quickly it's always hard to get a good shot when he throws his paws up like that.


    She is wonderful– even cuter than her baby pics! I love her markings, and she looks like she has a lot of spunk. I know you'll enjoy her-- and it looks like she and Loki are already having fun. 🙂


    Lots of spunk! And fearless too. They are having a lot of fun together. She's so funny, wants to know where he is and be with him most of the time. And she will try to stay awake just to keep playing with him. He's growing quite fond of her too, I'm just amazed that they are bonding this well so quickly. I took up the toys when she got home and fully expected not to bring them out for a long while, but they are doing so well sharing that the toy box is already back in it's spot.

  • She is a little cutie!

  • How's Kaia doing? Now that she's had a week to settle in, is she ruling the house? 🙂

  • Not quite ruling the house, but she'll get there I'm sure 🙂

    She and Loki are doing great. He is sometimes too rough and she's quick to let him know, though at this point he yelps more than her because of those shark teeth! She's very quick for being so little but still can't catch him when he gets her to chase him; doesn't help that he rarely holds back, but she's learning how to watch where he's going and cut him off. They cuddle together and she often sleeps next to, if not on top of, him. Oh, and we thought one B took up a lot of space in the bed. It's nothing compared to 2 B's! Somehow they take up 3x as much as when it was just Loki and she's under 10 lbs! Can't wait until we have the room for a king size bed.

  • So glad to hear everything's going well! And, yes, a king size bed sounds like a must… especially when they start crawling up to put their heads on the pillow!

  • I woke up one morning to find her curled around the back of my head on my pillow!

  • LOL– so cute! She knows her place. 🙂

    Did you stick with feeding her the raw at night?

  • @TMartin:

    Here is our newest addition, little miss Kaia 12 weeks, who got here on Friday from Meisterhaus. Things are going very well between her and Loki, there have been some "growing pains", but the bonding has gone much faster than I had anticipated. She is absolutely adorable, such a sweetheart, and completely mischievous! And so far quite the talker too. Loki is doing well with her, initiating play, laying next to her, and grooming. He can be too rough sometimes but she has no problem letting him know she's not happy! They are doing so well, able to share toys and chews, even chewing on one Nylabone at the same time.

    This is just a small portion of the many photos I've taken since Friday. When I go through the videos I'll have to post one of those too 🙂


    Hi Tana,

    Miss Kaia is very likeble! It's great she and Loki are friends. Congratulations!

  • We have not continued the nightly raw although both get raw bones/meat every so often.

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