TX-San Angelo, 2ish Year Old Male Basenji Chihuahua Mix, local rescue

  • Benny is a Basenji mix at a local rescue here, my hubby and I met him because we were thinking about adopting him, but we just don't think we would be the best family for him so I wanted to tell you all about him!

    The rescue thinks he is anywhere from 1-3 years old (we agree that he is a young dog). He has a gorgeous black/brown coat, the big ears and curly tail. He is roughly 16 pounds.

    He was abandoned at a local vet clinic, they came to work one day and he was chained to the door. They found a family for him, who surrendered him back when he didn't get along with the cat or the grandpa. The local vet still has him, he is crate trained, and he plays outside with other dogs at the vet during the day.

    He is a little timid and prefers women, he showed some aggression towards my husband but did warm up eventually. The rescue said they have never seen him show aggression with any male volunteers. He met our Basenji mix and they got along great, they said he prefers dogs his size, but he gets along with some bigger dogs. He looks a lot like our girl, except the color.

    He showed some Basenji personality traits when we met him. He also was fascinated by kids, and never showed any timidness towards them. We do not think he has ever been in a Basenji savvy home, and that is why he has not found a forever home yet.

    He is fixed, up to date on shots, and is heartworm negative. We are going to suggest to the rescue get in touch with BRAT and try to post him in their mixes, but I wanted to post about him here too!

    Here is his petfinder profile

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