• Has anyone ordered from this company? I have been receiving e-mails and it seems to have pretty good deals.


  • Yes I have a few times. Just make sure you comparison shop with other sites like Amazon, dog.com, etc. Doggyloot can have some really good deals and interesting stuff, but sometimes these other sites are even better. And always take shipping into account. While bully sticks are a good deal, you should also check out bestbullysticks.com as well as they can have similar or even better prices. As far as current deals go, the Zuke's Z Filets are a good buy as even Amazon sells those at $5+ per bag and though dog.com has them at just over $2, they charge $5.99 shipping. Shipping is pretty quick. Only once did it take awhile and that was because they had a lot of orders and got a bit behind. Luckily with items like bully sticks, antlers, and himalayan chews, they get them in and offer them on a regular basis.

  • Thanks for the info! I usually comparison shop but sometimes with a shipping fee it turns out to be more expensive. I saw where Doggyloot had free shipping but have not checked to see if it charged a handling fee if one ordered a small dollar amount.


  • The majority of items they sell have free shipping (completely free, no handling fee), but you will also see that some items do have a shipping fee. In my experience, whether there is a shipping fee or not isn't based on the dollar amount, however small, but rather size, weight, and more than likely how much it cost them to get the item.

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