Photo update

Beginning of July

Our new home (a part of it)

Enya thought the water was grass… it was not!

Enya was here…

Chaf is thinking why the crazy African thought she could walk on water..

Little African is thinking this too.

Enya undercover…

Mommie, she is crazy… really


My boys



Ryan is walking Buana

Enya ran for the very first time at the racetrack (of course not a whole race but a puppie race)
We were excited, would she like it… would she know what to do.. but she is a true natural! wow!

Everyone was excited about her, even the trainers!

No one could imagine this!

Off she goes!


Enya and her second run, slight bend in the track



And finally some pictures from last weekend, at the woods

New girlfriend

Chaffie and a little bit of practise

🙂 Enya

Enya has such a long nice neck but little missy did not want to show it… she saw some leaves flying... 😃


My pack

Ryan and his oldest brother 😃

LOVE the pictures! Thanks!

Great pics, as always 🙂 And great pack too 🙂 Last year's babies are growing up fast now..

Beautiful pictures! A basenji running full-out is such a graceful, wonderful animal. Wish we had race tracks here we could bring them to just to chase for fun!

I love your trio. They look like such fun to be around.

Wonderful pictures !


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