• If you've tried to vote for BRAT in Round 3 of the Shelter Challenge it turns out they are ineligible to participate (but will be on board for Round 4). In the meantime, it's suggested you might want to vote forMedfly Brigade Basenji Rescue based in Acton, CA. It would be wonderful if we could help them win a weekly or state prize.

  • Just to let you know, Medfly Brigade Basenji Rescue did win the $1000 state prize for CA in the last round!
    Thanks to everyone who votes. BRAT will be eligible for round 4 which starts October 8.

  • I have to say, when BRAT asked everyone to vote for Medfly, I thought wasted vote, no way they could win. I am very happy they won!

  • I am very happy for Medfly, too; they are an extremely worthy group.

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