OTTAWA, ON 2.5 yr old Male Basenji needs home

  • Thank-you for all the advice. I did end up contacting the breeder; she will not take Miko back. She says she is willing to post him up on her website and pass along my information if someone is interested, but no more than that.

    To Jennier: Miko was bred in Quebec, Canada (we currently live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). I submitted Miko's information on the BRAT site to help have him re-homed.

  • I wish you luck in rehoming your boy! I am sorry that the breeder will not take him back but in the case of this breeder, it is probably for the best.

    I do not know if the Basenji Club of Canada has a rescue but you should also contact them. I was not paying attention when you said you were in Canada. Here is the webpage:


  • Yes, the BCOC has a rescue program. Contacting either them or BRAT is your best option for Miko. He should find a home fairly quickly, there's usually never very many Basenji rescues in Canada. I'm actually wanting a B/W male rescue myself, and though I'm tempted, the timing is not good. I've got a 17 year old here and it wouldn't be fair to him

  • BRAT and BCOC, contacted. Check!

    Joanne: Thanks for considering him. Miko previously lived with a senior (a 13 yr old grumpy Westie), they got along well, but it was quite the entertaining dynamic; she had no use for Miko's shenanigans and he thought otherwise.

  • Joanne, if Miko is respectful of elders, might be just what you need! I once had a yearling with a 17 year old and the youngster was very loving to my old gal.

  • Anne – I really don't need the encouragement 😉

    Amanda1 -- can you just email me:

  • Amanda1-if you lived closer, my son would try him with the girl I gave him.

  • Joanne: will do!

    Arlene: whereabouts in Ontario are you? (I am willing so do some travel if it means Miko gets a good home)

  • I live in southern ontario in a town called Welland. Unfortunately, a good six to seven hour drive from wherever you are-at least. I will be coming up to the Ottawa area (ingleside) on the long weekend in Sept, but I won't be able to bring her with me to see if they would interact. There is regional dog show there and I will be bringing mine, so unfortunately, I won't have enough room.

  • Arlene: Sorry to take so long to respond. I have an idea. May you please e-mail me at or provide me with an e-mail contact if you're still interested?

  • Are you still looking for a home for Miko? I have a almost 2 year old Basenji named Buddy and we are looking to add a second member to our family. Buddy enjoys his numerous trips to various dog parks accross the city of Ottawa, long walks and being with his family. We had been thinking getting a second dog for Buddy to have some company. We are extremely interested in meeting Miko and adding a buddy for Buddy in our home!

  • Are you still looking for a home for Miko? If so we have been looking for a buddy for our Buddy the Basenji. He is almost 2 years old and loves going to the dog park, I take him on several walks a day and he loves being with his family. We would love to meet Miko if you are still looking for a home. We live in Ottawa as well. Again very interested if he is not already been spoken for!

  • Miko has found a wonderful new home complete with a basenji friend! Thank-you to everyone for all your suggestions, offers and help. A big (huge…massive....giant) thank-you to BRAT and its amazing volunteers for all their hard work.

  • Hello there!
    i am interested in this dog to add to my loving family. I would love to adopt this dog if not yet adopted, but need more information on him. If you could email me back, we could talk and set up a time and place.

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