• Since puppyhood I haven't been able to break Oakleys bad manners during playtime. Mainly he play bite grabs ALL the time and some dog don't like this, other than using his "hands" to swat ( which I don't mind) he does this "grab,bite,peck" sort of behavior such as nipping at the face or bum, anywhere really… and he continues this nipping behavior throughout play with other dogs.
    It's almost like he's saying "gotcha, now get me" but because of this behavior Oakley isnt allowed to play with a friends dog and she perceives this is aggression... Does anyone else's basenjis play like this? (nipping all over)
    Is it ok for me to let him play like this or is this something I should correct?

  • One of my two girls plays this way… the other, nope.... My mentor in the breed had a bitch that was a nipper... she loved to sneak up and play nip... and it was like a pinch nip...

    I don't believe it is just a Basenji thing, it is a dog thing, with some that do it, some that do not. I do not believe this is aggression and your friend is not being very realistic.... Curious, when Oakely does this to her dog, what does her dog do?

  • Exactly- pinch nipping!! Her dog is a puggle and she says is very sensative…her dog prefers to just lick my dogs underside , while he will engage in chasing and playing...after ten minutes he then tries to disengage with Oakley, it's during this time that the two can get into a "squabble" as I call it, not a fight but a "hey, this is how it is" bu Oakley being a goofball doesn't always know when to quit...and still tries to engage in playtime

    With Oakley, I think he gets overexcited to be in a fenced in yard with another dog to play with ( unfortunately it doesn't happen often) and so he doesn't tire as easily of playing

  • It's almost like her dog has a switch of " ok, tho is fun and great" to " ok, nothing's changed but all the sudden my feelings are hurt", and then gets very sensative and wants to go hide in the house or away from him…

  • Tucker does this with furry dogs. Nips then goes into play-bow mode, wanting them to chase him. Other dogs do get annoyed with this behavoir. This started fights between our toller and tucker. But I do know what you mean.

  • Some dogs do not know how to disengage. If you see a pattern with him of staying past his welcome you can teach him to disengage by redirecting. My dogs check in with me frequently during play with other dogs they know that most of the time they will be allowed to go back to play but these check in also mean I have opportunities to redirect if they are starting to get over stimulated.

  • First Basenji's

    I'd have to answer your question about it being a Basenji thing with a YES! I have noticed this with Uzie, and most other dogs just don't understand this engagement ploy for play. like our neighbor's dog Luke; Uzie will hunker down and engage a prey drive(his little tail wags with excitement(too funny) and proceeds to run at Luke, side bump him, nip him and Uzie grins big and wide as Luke finally starts barking furiously and runs after him until they are panting or Luke takes his frustration out on his pack mate a Westhighland Terrier and bites his feet. A great game indeed!. But I have seen puppies of other breeds that will nip, but they learn this is not the acceptable social way to play.

    I guess in Africa there were different customs and rules to the game!

  • I would say YES!! only because Ayo is exactly like that.. when he gets exited, with other dogs or people or me even!! Its not aggressive at all, but other dogs misinterpret sometimes… however Idont have any other basenjis around so I can't really speak for all basenjis...its the kind of thing that fits with their general behavior though....

  • Sometimes it takes another dog to tell the dog to stop it! The nipping dog should learn from this but sometimes it takes a few times. Some owners stop the interaction before the dog learns to stop it.


  • What's funny is this weekend with the basenjis he didn't do it!!!! But literally, this is how he plays…I'm telling you, just when I think I know him he changes the game on me...lol

  • Perhaps he knows other Bs will not tolerate such nonsense!


  • Very well could be, they were females after all…he just didn't get that crazy pup act he normally does...he was calm playful an that was interesting to see, I'm really not used to him being the elder of the group...I was very proud that he was so good with the pups, I was truly expecting him to guard me or to act up and it just goes to show I don't give him enough credit. I think he will be wonderful when I add a second...keeping my fingers crossed that this season brings a great match to compliment him and I.

    Oh, and here's to hoping the second time around is MUCH MUCH easier!!!!!!!!

  • Voodoo does that all the time. Sneak up to the other dog, give him a pinch (most often in the tail), makes a play-bow when the other dog turns his head and then storms away in the hope the other dog will chase him. If he doesn't, he just starts sneaking up on him again…

  • Kipawa does this as well, and also prefers to do it with dogs that have a longer coat. I've never had a problem yet, but I do watch carefully. If Kipawa starts going a little overboard, I redirect with a treat, or I will also tell him "time out". Both work for us.

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