• Here is a picture of Jenga, Dakota and I when we stopped by his breeders while on a ride last month.

  • First Basenji's

    Bravo! how cool to be able to have Basenji, Woman and her horse all together! How did you desensitize your horse to Jenga on the saddle (or did you have to???)

  • Jenga looks super comfy!!!!! That's neat!!!

  • I do need to come up with something a bit more comfortable for him and was thinking as he gets his balance better maybe he can go in a buddy seat behind me. We will see but for now he is still okay up in front. As he is only 5 months he still can't walk along for very long but that will also come as he gets older.
    In regards to desensitizing my horses. All I can say that it is many miles of riding, wet saddle blankets and making sure that every scary monster or obstacle that you come across is introduced and explored. Also, having their trust and being the leader makes a big difference as they are accepting of anything that you ask. Dakota is especially accepting and I call him my "Star Trek Horse" as he bodly goes where no horse has gone before. He accepts any kind of vehicle, heavy logging equipment, chain saws, blowers, musical bands, all animals, sirens, lights, helicopters, parachutists and even had a remote control plane flying over our heads once. He is quite special. My other horses are pretty much the same but like to stop, look and assess more often. My husband and I laugh because we purchased a quarter mare 9 years ago and had her shipped over from the US. She is a daughter of a 3 time world champion reining and cutting stallion. Guess what? She is scared to death of Swiss cows in the field with big bells. But, in the arena she'll work them fine for cutting and team penning work. Who would figure.
    Jenga is quite cautious around the horses when on the ground which is good. It is funny how he can pick up on a "stink eye" and know where his place is.

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