Avoid boredom

What to do when it's cold, rainy and windy outside…build your own doggame!

Zest! wants to know if she can come over and play!

I showed this to my husband and asked "so, could you make this for the B?" Very, very cool!

What a great idea, very nice!

thanks for your positive feedback - Pondu loves her game.
It' still the basic version and can easily be upgraded: it is height-adjustable and many more items can be added…

What a good idea and thank you for sharing it.

Wow, nice! Looks like some planks with a dowel, and a bottle to release the treat. Awesome, I can make that. Question being, would my guy like it? I say yes, while i'm home, but no, while I am not. Dude seems to just like sleepin' while I'm gone, barely gets his but off the couch when I come home. Though, he does seem to know when I need him too…weird.

OK, I'm convinced, and I have the planks and bottles to do this, can't wait to try it. Awesome

keep us updated how your B liked it - probably you can post some pics or a video? Would be nice!

Arizona Basenjis

funny as I have that shelf from Ikea taken apart right now out in the garage 🙂 looks just like the Ikea shelf at least 🙂

that was fun to watch might have to build me some puzzles 🙂

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