Ice cubes Hanas favorite snack

  • whenever we open the freezer she comes running and is so excited to get a ice cube which she crunches up and eats ! she really loves them more than dog treats i think
    you can giver her a dog treat and she is so picky she drops it and looks at it like ummmm you going to put it back in my mouth now 😉 so maybe I will eat or drop it again !!! 🙂 love that about them

    but ice cubes 🙂 she takes and devours them

    so anyone elses basenjis love ice cubes so much ?

    only thing I found is a older thread about freezing treats 🙂 which I might do is freeze the kongs up for a fun ice play treat

  • Our dogs have always loved ice cubes!

  • Here another ice cube lover!! And I occasionally fill Tillo's Kongs with treats and vanilla custard and then freeze it. He loves that too 🙂

  • cool thanks 🙂
    other dogs I have had in the past were never nuts over them ?

  • Both of my B's love ice cubes. They know the sound of the automatic ice machine in the fridge and in the summer when they really want one, they will hear it and come running to get themselves an ice cube then take it outside and wonder why it melts.

  • My boy loves ice cubes and I have often wondered since he is tall enough to hit the paddle in the auto dispenser in the door why he just doesn't help himself. I think the noise startles him just enough, Thank God b/c I think he would eat them all. Do Basenjis get brain freeze from eating cold food too fast? Hmm… He also likes it when I put the ice cubes in his water bowl with water. He will bob for them. 🙂

  • Houston

    Pearl also loves ice cubes. Sweet girl.

  • having a dog figure out the dispenser could be a funny thing to get on video though 😉

  • Another ice cube lover here. Kipawa totally loves them. We make sure though that he cannot see that they are coming out of the fridge water dispenser area. He is as smart as a whip and I fear he would figure it out. He also gets about 3 - 4 ice cubes in his water (fresh twice daily).

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