If you were going to add another dog….

  • For me it has got to be basenjis. Though I admire many other breeds none really appeal to me in the same way.

    Miss Pickle the Border Terrier was one of the first non-basenji dogs that Sophie met. She loves her and play bows and yodels at her when she sees her in obedience class.

  • I have always loved Labs. They have the sweetest, friendliest, calming disposition. But now that I have my two little B-kids, life wouldn't be quite as zesty as I've gotten used to. Plus, labs shed everywhere and is work in other ways than B's. We get used to what we have. My son's activity level brings a happy medium with Duke & Daisy. They are a lively team.

  • I love sight hounds - Afghans, Salukis, Greyhounds, Azawakhs, Borzois, Ibizans, Pharaohs - all of them! I'd love to have an Afghan especially, but grooming them is not really my thing. I also love Dobermans and GSD's. But I am a devoted Basenji slave - I think I'll always have one or more of the hoodlums in my life - there's just something about them and their fierce independence that I find irresistible!

  • I will probably always have multiple Basenjis but I also love Pomeranians. I had one for 16 years and she was a fabulous companion. I don't want just any ol' Pom though. It has to be "just right".

  • I had one of those loving companions before my B, a toy poodle named nino. He was my buddy and I loved him and still love him so. I never thought I could love another dog again and actually didn't even pet other dogs anymore and then Champ came into our lives. Two complete opposties but such wonderful companions. My first doggie love, nino and the one who showed me how to love again, Champ.

  • After reading everyone's post it seems like almost everyone would want another Basenji. I honestly have to give you all props! I have a puppy a 4 mth old puppy who keeps me on the edge of my seat everyday. I love him to death but I don't think I would want another Basenji. Chance is unique to me. One in a million (if that makes any sense)
    Many people have told me that two B's are better than one. Maybee that is true but one B takes all my energy…two and i'd be pooped!
    I would however love to get a Great Dane. It has been my dream dog since i was a little girl. I dont know how a Basenji and Great Dane would get along. That would be an interesting combination.

  • I have had other dogs, and for me Sahara has been my best dog yet!!!!! I had a poddle that I never could get housebroken, my ex-husband got her. Growing up I had mix breed dogs, but it is my Basenji that I would repeat. She is the best and smartest dog that I have ever own, besides she makes life interesting, yes she is work but all things worthy are work. Think about it, and all things are hard before they are easy. Sahara is also the most loving and always has to be near you, b/c she loves you and you know it. I will probably get another in 2-3 yrs from now. This time from a good breeder than a petshop. I would love a black and white in my future.

  • I think puppyhood is the worst time to ask anyone if they would want another since puppies of any breed are just so much work. As much as I love puppies they are a lot of work and my household is most settled when we have only adults in the house. Before each new dog, I always think to myself I must be crazy wanting to turn my house upside down but in the end I am always glad I did.

  • Definitely B's are first choice!! Boxer's would be up there if I couldn't have a B as well as Beauceron and Pharoah Hounds!

  • me for any other dog. I have just added a Rescue female and my husband thinks I am nuts! lol

  • Hmmm…I've always wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Anybody with experience out there??

  • I would love to have another B, we currently have our B Boy and a Terrier Mix girl. I have owned a toy poodle and he was such a sweetheart. I also had a Chow/Blue Healer mix that was a little monster. I wouldn't give that one a go again. My brother in law has a Great Dane and I would love to have one as well, he is just an amazing dog.

  • Prior to basenjis I had a variety of dogs I had a cocker as child. When we first got married we had Tag the Springer Spaniel and Schotzie the Great Dane. Both wonderful dogs with really funny personalities. I've come to the conclusion that no matter what breed we owned - they would be unique characters.

    I can't imagine life without basenjis (althought I've threatened my spouse that I could replace him easily with another Great Dane)

  • @nala121498:

    Hmmm…I've always wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Anybody with experience out there??

    OK, now here's where I jump in.

    I currently share each day with an 11+ year old Basenji Boy(Peanut) and the most lovable 4+ year old Rhodesian Ridgeback(Tucker). Got them both as pups and they really compliment eachother and fill our home with joy. Peanut (my boy)is like everyone's Basenji-on his terms. Tucker (my wife's boy)only wants to be loved and fussed over 24/7, a sweeter soul there's never been.

    I can't imagine a day without a Basenji to share it with and I'm looking to adopt a rescued B right now, but Ridgebacks are exactly the oposite of a B except the "Love people" part. Basenji's are my "companion of choice", but you can't go wrong with a Ridgeback either. Plus there's a whole bunch more to snuggle! 😃

  • It would be another Basenji…but if that were not possible I guess it would have to be a Spaniel--either an English Springer Spaniel or an American Cocker Spaniel. I have had both breeds and do love them.

  • Of course I'd get another B… okay, I already did! 🙂 But if I couldn't have another B... My favs are:

    Great Dane
    Bulldog - in all their snorty, unhealthy ways

  • I am DYING for another B! and one day . . . . . {crossing fingers}

    But if I couldn't have that, I'd love another doberman – my first was SUCH a great dog.

  • I would get a full blooded B as Cali is a Basenji mix. If I could not get another Basenji it would be a Cane Corso or German Shepherd.

  • I would definitely get another B, but also not a puppy! Rumor is 12 weeks now and I feel about 100!!!! But she makes me laugh no matter what!

  • I'd like to get a German Shepherd or Rottweller…
    I can't now, coz my mom don't let me get a large dog...
    In my future I want to have 5 dogs!!!

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