• Oh, is she adorable! 🙂 😉 It's funny,even though one of my basenji girls, Becca, is 5 years old, I still carry her outside when I wake her in the morning.

    So glad to hear that things went better last night… yes, she is a baby! If you do let her wiggle into bed with you, just a forewarning that she will consider the bed to be HER bed, that she shares with you. 🙂 My basenjis have always been good bed partners, in that they don't hog the bed, but they curl up, settle in, and zzzzz uninterrupted.

    Enjoy the puppy breath! 🙂

  • What a cute puppy 🙂 I too find it nice and more rewarding to allow my dogs to sleep close to us. The crates are for when I need them safely confined and have to leave them on their own 😉

    Just remember baby bladders can be unreliable until almost 12 months of age depending on the dog.

  • She's a beauty! If she can hold her bladder from 11:30 until 4:30 am at only eight weeks, she is doing amazing! Is she shrieking while you're gone during the day? (The neighbors will usually let you know.) She will be lonely and insecure for a while, but it sounds like she's already settling in. If you can get her into a routine, where she knows when to expect to be fed and let out and played with, then she will start to accept it. She certainly is adorable. Enjoy her– they grow up fast!

  • Once again, thanks everyone for the comments and compliments on Waffles. She is on my lap sleeping for a bit while I type this haha.

    @ tanza - I always carry her outside (we live on the 3rd floor of an apt. building so its a necessity at her age anyways) and I stay out there when I know she has to go, even if she comes back to my legs to get warm….I put her back out several times to let her know that I want her to do business. We got our puppy from a breeder called Sun-Dance Kennels in Grand Haven, MI. The breeder has been having litters for over 20 years with very positive remarks from owners, and his mother was one of the first people to start breeding this type of dog in the Americas.

    About 30 minutes ago I put her in the crate while myself and Sara (my girlfriend living with me) went to the store. I lured her in for the first time in a week with her favorite Kong filled with cream cheese and a treat for going potty (#1 and #2 yay!). She didn't cry as we left, and I didn't return to her shrieking either...so that was quite a relief. We will see how she does this week though with her being in the crate and all during the day. She has also started to eat her meals all the way inside the crate, so I'm very happy about that...she will even sometimes scope out a scent or two inside, so I know she's getting more comfortable being in there.

    @ownedbyspencer - she used to shriek while we were away...and also at night when we used to put her in the crate. Felt terrible for the neighbors....she "said" she couldn't hear much of it, but we got her a thank you card and gift certificate just to say "thanks for putting up with the noise" haha.

    As for her sleeping in our room, the rule we put in place before getting this dog was no sleeping in our actual bed with us. While we both love the idea in theory, we would like to spend some time with one another without a dog in the bed.

  • You are doing a great job, Waffles' Dad…. but I have to let you know that basenjis will wiggle into your heart (and then you may waffle in your determination for it NOT to happen, lol)... but when a basenji gets into your heart, there's no way out. As I write this response, my little Lola, is sleeping on my lap (with my laptop, mind you:))... with her little nose tucked under my right elbow, because she wants to be where the action is!

    And for the shrieking... the previous owners of Lola came home to find the sheriff outside of their home, as someone had reported a dog being held under abusive conditions. Lynn had to let the police in to see that little Lola was perfectly fine, but simply confined in her cage! 🙂 I think the gift card was a great idea, especially if you included your phone contacts, "just in case" she needs to make a phone call in the morning.

    With that being said, RELAX... set up a "normal", for both you and Waffles, and be consistent with it! While I love dogs in the bed, you may not, so simply be consistent with what you do. Give Waffles a routine to follow, and as long as keep the routine, she will learn that it's her routine, too.

    (At this point in time, basenjis can't read... or can they, Miss Lola?)

    Hearts and Roos-

  • She had a difficult time this afternoon wanting to get at her Kong with cream cheese inside the crate, unlike like she normally did this weekend with ease.

    This morning I put her in there no problem with her Kong and treat, but unfortunately had forgotten something on the way to the DMV so I had to return home. Bad move. I came home and woke her up and she was NOT happy. A couple of hours later once I was finished she was STILL whining super loud…so audible I can hear her on the street through our windows.

    I'm posting another thread regarding our recent issues with her changing priorities during potty breaks where she likes to explore more now, whereas before she didn't enjoy being outside as much.....here it is:

  • Word to the wise: Oakley is 14 months old today and I make it my mission not to come home for anything and go back out, while he is now what I call "crate stable", he would be so upset if I came home to pick something up only to leave again… And I don't think that will change with time..

  • It sounds as though your puppy is getting used to her routine especially as she gor upset when you broke it. I'll be looking at the pictures later and I look forward to seeing them!.

    Be patient and remember that she is such a baby. Like Tanza I don't like the thought of an 8 week puppy leaving her mum and siblings. Often mine have been still suckling at that age and she was probably feeling the wrench very nuch.

  • I'm in the "too much crate time" camp on this one…plus 1) she's too young to have left her mama 2) she's probably cold (crates on floors are DRAFTY!) and 3) She's used to sleeping with in a "pile" of basenjis. None of my dogs have been crated at night, not even fosters--especially not fosters, since most of them have needed the comfort, reassurance & rehab of sleeping with a pack including humans. If you're concerned about her peeing the bed, I've never had a dog or puppy do that--they always wake up

    I think you'll find that with so much crate time and insufficient exercise she could start developing issues, especially since she's an only dog. Did you do much research on the breed b4 getting your pup? Basenji Rescue and Transport has some interesting articles that will help prepare you for Life With An Adolescent Devil Dog : )

  • Hi! I am currently fostering a 10 month old B/W boy who loathes his crate. He shreds everything except for a decrepit wool blanket. This thing has been through the wringer and is the only thing my bitch, Nayru (B.R.A.T.), leaves alone as well. She's gotten a bit better so Toby (B.R.A.T. foster boy) got her blanket for now. He's got the most interesting set of vocalizations that I've ever heard. I used to think the noises they used on the "Goodbye My Lady" movie were faked. I know better now. :| My neighbors are SAINTS! I love your gift card/thank you note idea.

    Toby gets a bone with peanut butter in it. He still takes about 20-30 to settle in. I agree with the others. Once he's quiet, nothing can make me go back inside. LOL I'd rather buy a new jacket than make him go through that again. He is now sleeping in the bed with me and the other animals in the house. It's crowded, but poor pup just needs to know he's not been abandoned yet again.

  • Stern, EXACTLY, I'd rather by a new jacket! I get it!!

  • How is little Waffles doing now? How are you doing? Any updated pictures?

    Hugs and Roos- 🙂

  • These suggestions all look awesome. The only thing i would add is try putting a tshirt you and your significant other have worn for a while. I would do this in her bed and in her crate it will help to soothe her and get her used to your scent. Its an old hunters trick for finding a lost dog but it works for anxiety as well.

  • Waffles is doing really well! @Patty M, she started Baroo-ing! I was so startled at first it scared me! Now she does it in the morning when one of us wakes up, and she realized we are up for good to play with her and feed her, she lets out a loud baroo, almost like a puppy-rooster.

    Crate training is going much better- she rarely cries (at least that we know of) she does try and hide in the morning when when she senses we are going to leave for work. she eventually succumbs to the deliciousness of cream cheese , but its definitely an ordeal! We're just taking it one day at a time. She is evening sleeping through the night about 25% of the time. There is nothing so glorious as 6 hours of sleep!!

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