URGENT-IN-Indianapolis-10 Yr. Old Female Black & White B/Border Collie Mix

  • She is in a private home and needs a new home by February 1. She is a cute girl! I do not know if she is still available. Here is what was stated about her in an e-mail on Monday from Lori King-BRAT Mix Coordinator:


    Due to unforeseen family dynamics this sweet little angel is in need of a new home.

    Dyna is a very sweet, warm, affectionate soul who brings a smile to all humans who encounter her gentle greetings and wagging tail. Dogs think she's pretty cool too. She is mixed with Border Collie but that has mostly affected her coloring and the fact that her tail doesn't quite make that full curl. She does not herd, nip or bite, like her border collie cousins. Dyna is getting close to 10 years old but please do not hold that against her?. She is filled with life and love and is very well mannered.

    It is with great sadness that a new home is needed for our sweet girl. Due to changing housing and family dynamics and schedules Dyna needs to be placed by the first of February. If you have room in your heart and home for this little angel please email annie.hammock@gmail.com

    Also please see Dyna?s full listing on BRAT?s Mix page


    Thank You


    Lori King

    BRAT Mix Coordinator

    Basenji Rescue and Transport Inc.



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