Free Shepherd/Basenji mix, 2 years old

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  • I'm confused… she is shy when being trained (too bad you could not be the one training her in the class instead of not being there or just watching) but then you mention she is hyperactive? I guess I wish you would have been more involved in the training at the class.

    Did you ever try crating her while you were out of your home to prevent her from ruining things? I'm sorry to hear about the framed picture of your brother - lots of us basenji people learn early to put our most precious items far out of reach.

    Anyway, you are trying to do the right thing by her now, realizing a dog might be too much work for you. That's good. She is young and can probably find a home that will work with her.

    Can you provide a picture? Also, BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport) does have a listing for basenji mixes. Perhaps you could list her there as well?

  • Crates can give you a lot of peace. Fran is right, BRAT doesn't take in mixes, but will list them on their website.

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  • What about a doggy daycare?

  • Doggie Day care is cheaper than a new couch every month!

  • How did you decide she was part Basenji? She looks totally Shepard Mix and I would guess a terrier mix with the shepard

  • I do agree with Pat. I don't see a lot of basenji in these photos. BUT she is a very pretty girl.

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  • I don't mean to argue, but your vets cannot confirm anything unless they did a dna test. While the yodeling certainly indicates it, the rest can be many breeds.

  • I would contact rescues in your area. I would search Petfinder by zipcode or city. Is she spayed and up-to-date on her vaccines and monthly heartworm?


  • There are a variety of breeds of the Mediteranian area that have a lot of the same features of the basenji - and with all due respect to your vets - I have found them about the worst at ID'ing dog breeds (unless in Ohio you go to Dr. Tracy who would indeed know a basenji) I happen to have another primitive breed with some basenji features -

    I am going to say something perhaps unpopular here but - if you have had her for 2 years and can't do anything with her - it is unlikely that anyone else will be able to and should she get into a shelter - their screening would likely indicate she could not be rehomed and she would be euthanized. That said - perhaps you should be the one to make that tough decision - not strangers.

    One thing that all of us with basenjis have learned is this: a bored basenji is a bad basenji. We have also learned to not leave things laying around, put away valuables and the value of crate training. I hope you can find it in your heart to do a little more with your girl.

  • That is why I recommended a rescue group instead of a shelter. Is there anyway you could start crate training? I would start by feeding her in a crate and having her in a crate for short periods of time when you leave the house.

    The girl that I rescued from a shelter was listed as a Basenji mix but she is a Herding/Spitz mix at 34 lbs. She is Herding in the front and Spitz in the back as she has a curled tail. The rural shelter was not familiar with Basenjis or Spitzes!


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  • I would definitely contact some rescue groups. If you are able to keep and foster her until the rescue can find another foster or a new home that would help the rescue group out tremendously. My sister did this twice with two different dogs and rescue groups. It may take some time for a rescue to have an opening/foster for her.


  • @AthenaBasenji2:

    I appreciate the tips on training, however I have most assuredly tried EVERY type of training possible, even crate training, and nothing has worked.

    Debra, the first vet I took her to guessed at her breed and the second vet did a DNA test with the Wisdom Panel MX Mixed Breed Analysis, She is a basenji and german shepherd mix.

    Jennifer, yes she is spayed and up-to-date on her vaccines and monthly heartworm medication.

    Dmcarty, euthanasia is out of the question. I do not believe that any dog should be put down just because they don't train well or chew things up, regardless of how irreplaceable the items are.

    do you still own this dog??? if so call me 971-279-0199 as i would be more then happy to give her a home

  • What is the status on this dog please.

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    What is the status on this dog please.

    yes please i would like an update on the wonderful pooch….... please bring good new quickly

  • Long overdue update: I decided to keep Athena. Now that she is older, she has calmed down considerably and she is a very good dog. She is my entire world. She loves her walks through the park, her rawhide bones with peanut butter, and the occasional steak or lamb bone. She was indeed a handful as a puppy, but she has grown into a curious and affection companion. I can't imagine life without her.

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