Lure Coursing Practice in CT, Sunday 11/20 11am

Check out the details here:

Ariel and I plan to attend. Hope to see some of you there!:D

Sounds like fun, bet she will have a wonderful time. We are coursing over the holiday in Hollister, Ca. The girls will be excited…..

Have fun!!

That sounds like a blast, I'll definitely try to make it.

Hope to see you there!

Had a great time! Met a new B friend, a 10 month old BRAT rescue named Greta!

Here are some photos!

Video is here:

I wish we had coursing up here. It looks so much fun.

Did look like a lot of fun, too bad I missed it- CT isn't that far, maybe next time. Kristen, was it fenced?

She looks great.. and Chealsie… don't worry about fencing when coursing... I have never seen a Basenji become that unsighted that they take off..... they might get lost, but for practice, they keep it just about under their noses....

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