• hi tanza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are u doing >?my vet told me about wet food maken there teeth bad!, FRUITS ARE O.K TOO!??> NEVER HEARD THAT BEFORE! he wont let me brush his teeth so i give him chew bones, raw hide's to nibble on.is that o.k? & is it raw veggies, fruit of any kind!??. im going to try this then!!. i just never heard of not ffree feeding a dog before!. thnks so much all u guys!.

  • Would you free feed humans or human children? Does that teach them good eating habits? Dogs are not "grazers" like cows or horses. They do not need to eat 24/7. In the wild they would eat one big meal (or the other animals would eat it for them)… When you free feed, you never really know when/what/how much they are eating. And since most dogs will go off their food if sick, you don't know that either when you free feed.

    As far as teeth, I totally disagree with your Vet. Wet food does not cause bad teeth. NOT brushing them causes bad teeth/gums. Dry food after chewed leaves food on the teeth/gums just like wet food. And you need to teach your dog to let you brush his teeth, so if he will not let you, that is your mistake in not training him.

    Watermellon, any mellons (not grapes), bananas, oranges, etc are all find for dogs. All veggies (not onions) cooked or raw. Usually they like root veggies the best. Mine love all squashes, carrots, potatoes (cooked usually without the skin), broccoli, cauliflower, etc....

  • thanks tanza, im going to start doing a time feeding, & mix his food too!. & im going to start trying to brush his teeth, but brushing what should i use?> THANKS TANA!!. ,i did change my vet, i have a know one that is cool !. im going to get some wet food today for hoim & start scedualeing his feedings!. 🙂 :p :o ! thanks sooo much tana.!!!.

  • tana, if i start to add these things in his food what is the best way to add them & how much , what should i do if he dont eat the veggies, or the fruit!, how long should i keep trying with the veggies& fruit?.

  • I would put him on a feeding schedule. I am not familiar with the brand of dog food you mentioned, but I would make sure that he is on a good dog food. Taste of the Wild, Ancana, Orijen, and Wellness are all good foods. I try to feed a grain free food as they do not need a lot of grain in their diet.

    I feed my boy twice a day. He gets 1/2-3/4 cups a feeding.

    I agree with the previous posters as well. There has been some great advice given 🙂

  • thanks , i will be doing this then!, & go on a schedule feeding!!.
    & no grain in food!. boy they are sooo different then other dogs!!.

  • 🙂 they are differnet, but feeding grain free is actually a good thing for all dogs and for cats even more so 🙂

  • We just switched to Wellness grain free low fat, and all 3 love it. Nicky had gotten stances, I was feeding her various canned foods, she would eat something for a day or two, then never again. And after years of free feeding dry kibble! Anyway, I started feeding them ll twice a day last month after she was ill, they love their 'kibble soup' but Nicky got picky. So far they like the Wellenss, either softened or moist.

  • @pedro:

    thanks , i will be doing this then!, & go on a schedule feeding!!.
    & no grain in food!. boy they are sooo different then other dogs!!.

    Agreed- personality wise these pups a certainly gems… but no dogs should be "free fed" in a captive situation. Standard meal times aid in their digestion and energy levels. (plus it helps with the potty training/ crate training too)

  • I was feeding my Basenji brand blue and she started getting crystals in her kidneys. With the recommendation from my pet store owner (Pet Ranch), switched to Nature's Variety Instinct RAW. Withing 2 months…all crystals are gone. Now Basenji, Rotty, and Puppy Mastiff/Pitt all get Nature's Variety. Their coats are very shiney and teeth are so white.

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