• Wonderful! The only thing I have to say negative about Southbury is that it's only fenced on three sides. The property is huge and I've never had a problem, even with my new little girl. If that makes either of you nervous I'm open to suggestions of other places to meet. Wethersfield Dog Park is a nice one also, and they have running water there.

  • I live in CT and I am currently looking to get a Basenji puppy. 🙂 Where did you get your puppies? How much did you pay for them?

  • My little girl is a BRAT (basenji rescue and transport) baby. She came from Virginia. You should check out their website.

  • Go to www.basenji.org and then to breeder referral. You can see all breeders that are current members of the Basenji Club of America and contact them about a puppy.

  • I would definitely prefer fenced as Lewie has a special place in his little basenji heart for motorcycles… Do either of you know a place that somewhere between our locations? Seems to be about 1 hr to all the parks Maverick's Mom has suggested...

  • Ah, that's right I forgot about that. Greta climbs right over fences anyways, she thinks they are "suggestions" as to where she should stay. I did a little research and found this park. http://www.fosdogpark.org/news/news.html It's in Shelton and I didn't see anything that said residents only, like the Trumbull park where you need a resident parking sticker. Probably 30-35 minutes for all of us.

  • So are we all down for meeting in Shelton? That would definitely be a better trip for us…



    We don't want to end up being the only basenji there

  • I'm down, and if Maverick can come Shelton will work. What time works for you two?

  • Sometime in the early afternoon?? Maybe 1ish? Still waiting to hear from Maverick's Mom….

  • 1:00 sounds good. I guess shelton if we hear from mavericks mom, or else Hamden if we don't.

  • Sounds like a plan… see you "somewhere" tomorrow

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