Benny and Willow Foster Skittles

  • Benny has been in his forever home with Willow now for about 8 months. Since both are rescues the two of them barooed about it for awhile and decided to help other B's in need. They sent in the forms and volunteered to foster.

    So they sent thier human to pick up Skittles and bring her home. Skittles is a 6 year old little girl who likes to play, cuddle, run, cuddle, walk, cuddle and get into things and oh yeah, Cuddle.

    Skittles and Benny rough house and play together. Skittles and Willow talk to each other about who is really in charge. When Benny and Willow play, Skittle tries to intervene as does Willow when Benny and Skittles play.

    Of course, they all volunteered to help repair the shed, but when the time came to actually work, they just laughed.

  • I'm assuming Skittles is the one with the dark colouring? She looks so cute and interesting. How grand of you to open your home to fosters. These three look like they are all the best of pals.

  • I remember a few years ago-could have been longer, there was a B or B mix in a TN shelter that had a saddle like that. I cannot remember if it was a male or female. It looked PB to me.


  • Thank you.

    Skittles is actually the one in the foreground. The one with the saddle is Willow.

    Here is a picture of Skittles by herself. She is also on the BRAT page from Indiana…

  • What a lovely trio and great of you to give them a happy home.

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