• First Basenji's

    Welcome! He's so handsome!

  • Welcome, he's lovely. I think we need to see more pics 😉

  • @curlytails:

    Well hello there, beautiful dog! What's his name? I like the shape of his ears.

    that was my exact thought - those lovely, lovely ears.
    More pics, please!

  • Wow, he is a beautiful dog! His tail is long and straight, so not a basenji trait, but his face looking through the banister is very basenji - whatever he is, he certainly is unique!

  • I have never heard of an Avuvi until I read it above. I looked it up and was surprised that there was one at the dog park in Marietta, Ga last week. He thought it was a basenji mix since it had a straight up, pointed tail. Next time I see him, I will suggest researching Avuvi. Captmidight, are you still in Northern VA?

  • I had never heard of an Avuvi until now. He is a local dog from my village which was about 35 miles west from the Ghana Border. I would not be surprised that they are similar. I will try to post some more photos of him later.

    Btw, his name is Whala. If anyone is considering an African name for a Basenji puppy, I would recommend Kikuyu (Ki Coo You). Its the Hausa word for puppy.

  • Great dog!
    As far as I know the "typical" dogs in Togo are a breed called Hahoawu.

  • The description of the hahowu sounds similar to the basenji but with the straighter tail and without the basenji wrinkles. They also yodel instead of bark and come from Togo.

  • Houston

    Wow he is so pretty..I love his picture through the banister.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Yes, please, more photos. Does your dog bark??

  • Welcome! Does he love stealing sun rays? 🙂 He's adorable…

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