Big Brothers Big Sisters and their Funding

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization that has been changing lives and perspectives. It is an organization that has been helping children to face the challenges in life by providing them timely guidance through a big brother or a big sister. The big brother or the big sister is paired with the child after a thorough study of the habits and likings of both the parties. This organization is supported by a huge number of volunteers and donors.

    By donating to this organization one can join their cause and directly support children of their community. The amount may be small or large, but it helps making a difference in the lives of young people. Research has shown that by mentoring the children, their academic and personal lives improve to a great extent. It brings out the confidence in them and helps them to get along better with their families.

    Financial support helps them to provide their programs and services nationally and in the local community. The donated money is utilized to make and support matches between the Littles and Bigs. It also helps them to recruit new Big brother and Big sister volunteers. To ensure that trained professionals match the Littles to responsible Bigs, a lot of background checks are made. Funding is also required to enable ongoing supervision and relationship support for every Big, Little and the Little?s family. The organization also provides cultural and social activities to enrich the opportunities for children.

    Ali Sharaf, the President and CEO of Victron Energy, funded Big Brothers Big Sisters to provide a full page recruitment ad in the Living magazine. This fund came at a critical recruitment time.

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