• Ok one year ago today we got Jayden and today he showed us something new again. When he started opening doors I thought well this is as bad as it gets but not so. Today he got a drink from the water dispenser I knew he had been really watching when we got water from it and today he got his own. Now his water bowl was full but it must not have been as fresh at least he cannot get the hot water on.
    I have to say this agin my Jaycee girl has never done this or even tried. My boy on the other hand is full of all kinds of new things and he just keeps showing us new things. I am happy that I love my babies so much.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    what a great story..did you get any pictures of him drinking the water? Would love to see that.

  • Cara has TRIED to activate the ice maker. She flies into the kitchen when she hears me use it because she loves to play soccer with ice, then eat it. I fear one day I'll have to put some kind of guard over the panel. Sigh.

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