Check out these mangy mutts. We might be homely but we are the pack

This is Tor and Rosie. They have the hard life.:D

How cute are they?… Welcome!!! Tell us more about them....

Don't look like mangy mutts to me or homely either. They're both pretty cute!

Woke up this morning and when they went outside for their morning bathroom break, the snow was up to their bellies. They sure do love to play in it, they haven't quite figured out its frozen water yet.

Very lucky dogs to have a warm place to get back into..welcome.

They are very cute! And totally spoiled and loved!

Both look pretty thin though. Several of us have had to deal with picky eaters.

Hi Greg!!!

I think Rosie and Tor look great! I love the pics of everyone together. It looks like things are going well. Keep showing them off, I'll never tire of seeing pics of Rosie. It is good to see her doing well her first winter. Have you all had time to have her spay done yet? I think she is old enough now.


Very cute!!!:)


They are so cute..I love when they are both on the bed "kissing" your daughter (?)..

What a hard life!!! The pictures are lovely and don't let them hear you calling them mutts!!

Beautiful dogs - if they are healthy don't worry about thin - some just are like that.

Shaye, that was my point.. seems a lot of us have some that will eat the chrome off a trailer hitch and others that don't want fillet mignon.

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