• @miss_sada:

    I had no clue what a Basenji was but she was so cute and the lady told (pet shop)me every good thing about a Basenji(no bark, no shed,no smell,cat like ect.) but forgot to tell me how naughty these dogs can be. After I brought her home I read up on Basenjis and I thought, OH MY GOD what did I get myself into. Bobbi

    😃 LOL!! My sentiments exactly when I did my reading on Basenjis. I didn't know Duke was a Basenji until he was 6 mos old! (long story) But after I read all about them, it explained all his quirks and then was able to train him better.

    Hi Bobbie and welcome to the Basenji Forums. It's alot of fun and great place to share stories, and talk about your Basenji(s). Enjoy!

  • Welcome! I had the "what did I get myself into" moment, too. I'd be willing to bet most of us have! 😃

  • Welcome to the forum. I didn't know what a basenji was when I got my mixed girl from the shelter. They had her listed as a whippet mix. It doesn't take long to figure out when a dog is part basenji though… as we all know! How did we ever live without them???

  • I even had that moment…and I knew! LMAO It was the screaming that had me thinking that. 😉 LOL

  • I had the same thoughts when my new puppy started screaming in the crate on the way home from the pet store. It was a hour ride and she got her teeth caught on the rail of the crate, and I had to drive and get her loose at the same time. I was OH My God! But once I got her teeth loose and put a hand through the crate door to pet her she was alright, she was just scared, and so I had to ride home with one hand on the wheel and one hand on the Basenji. Got her home and have loved her from day one, she is the most loving dog I have ever own, we are just smitten with our Sahara!!!!

  • Too funny! I too, had the same experience and I knew all about Bs too! Early on my famous saying to everyone was, "Have I told you lately NOT to get a dog?" Of course, I wouldn't trade her for the world!

  • You might want to start strip testing her urine. Reputable breeders do not sell via pet stores and if you have not been given information about fanconi disease - you need to look it up at the Basenji Club of America Website and begin the urine testing so if Ms. Sada ends up having it - you will be able to start interventions early enough.

    Too many of the puppy mills are breeding animals that are affected or know to produce. It could mean the difference of your dog living till 5 or 12.

  • Thank you so much for the information. I have been looking at every web site about basenji's since the day I bought her which will be three years this July. I think Sada thinks I'm crazy walking behind her while she is trying to relieve herself because I probably overdo the strip test. I check her once or twice a month. I don't know what I would do without her she makes my day everyday. I know buying a pet from a pet store is not the correct thing to do but at this point I think I saved her from what could have been a bad situation. I do have one questions and probably a silly one. Does anyones "b" walk around while going potty (poop). Sada will not stay still she walks around in circles. When I clean my backyard my neighbor laughs at me and says I look like I am hunting easter eggs

  • Actually we call it the 'poop dance' THey will circle and circle before they find a spot and then frequently move while in the act. I would expect that it is part of survival instinct in not staying in one place too long, being alert to what may be stalking you and I don't know about your but mine - where they are done, take off at full speed to be as far away from their poop as they can.

  • IF you have any pedigree info and send it to me I might be able to tell you something about what is behind your dog. You can email me privately if you want.

  • When Sada is finished she kicks with her back legs and grass will fly up in the air. I think she thinks she is covering it or something. And it takes her forever to find a place to go she will have poop coming half way out and she stops because she desides that isn't the place she wants to go. When she is finished doing her thing and I bring her into the house she does the basenji 500 on my furniture. I guess she is happy to relieve herself. CRAZY DOG!!!!

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