• Those are great names…I hope I come up with some good ones!

  • I do themes for each litter. I pick a theme and the new owners can select from a name on my list or come up with something on their own. Of course, the new owners may call the puppy whatever they wish.

  • I am not a breeder, but guess that most people change the name if they get them as a pup. I changed my dog's name when I got him at ten months and he caught on very quickly to who he was ;-). Just curious Annandael, do you always look for "A" names because of the Haus Annandael name?

  • Owners usually pick their dog's Call Name and the dogs usually adjust pretty quickly to the new name. For the dog's Registered Names some breeders use themes, some go alphabetically with their litters, some just let the owners pick. I own two of Robyn's dogs, 1 from her "Time" litter, DC Sherwood's In The Nick of Time SC, RN, LCM and 1 from her "Moon" litter, DC Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon SC, FCH, JOR. Nicky picked his name and I kept his call name when he came to live with me. With Rally I picked her registered name and her call name but didn't make them match. With our co-bred litter, I chose a theme of Magic though I didn't require the word magic in any of the names. The pups are Kinetic Sourcery JC, Ch Kinetic's Enchanted Knight JC, Kinetic Heart of Lucky Magic JC, and Kinetic's Pharoah's Magician. By using a theme a breeder always knows just by the name which litter a pup is from.

  • grouchybasenji,

    Where did you get the african to english names from? I've been looking around and can't seem to find an african to english word translation dictionary around.

    My male basenji's name is "Khafra" who happens to be an egyptian Pharoh. I'd love to find a source for more african names to pick from before I pick up my new girl in February.



  • Here is an English/Swahili dictionary, http://www.cis.yale.edu/swahili/

  • My girls name starts with A… Ashenputtel. It is german for cinderella 😃 We call her Ash or Ashen for short.

  • Thanks for the reference!

  • I know it sounds funny but you could go to www.babynames.com and do a search for names that start with "A", and you can also pick the origin/nationality of the names and gender. That's how I picked names for a few pets throughout the yrs

  • the list for so long when I got my first female.

  • Lisa, this site has been taken off line (at least that's what it says!)

  • My dobermanns name was Farosken Skye Quest but her mothers name was "Ashkenasy ize Amazing" so I named her "Ashka" …theres another A name for your list,
    All her pups I named after gods and goddesses of Mythology but all had Asche (German for Ashes) as a first name so they had names like Asche Lucretia, Asche Romulus, Asche Horatius etc

  • My niece's name is Arti. I'm so happy that there's an Arti basenji on this site. 🙂

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